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Samuel Ibram

Listen to a new future dancehall track by four sirens of the London clubs

Yayoyanoh, Organ Tapes, Don Sinini, and Zini drop ‘Over’

Earlier this year, we premiered the video “Off Road”, a future-dancehall jam by London-based, Bala Club-affiliated artists Yayoyanoh and Organ Tapes. Now, they’re back on Dazed, and brought with them an army of collbaorators as they launch new single “Over”, a haunting banger that this time see four people on the beat – Yayoyanoh, Organ Tapes, Don Sinini, and Zini – all part of the Bala crew that have changed the city’s club scene with their nu-metal slash reggaeton slash Britney-infused parties.

The four collaborators appear here in a shoot styled by Jayson Hindley and shot by Samuel Ibram initially commissioned by Mykki Blanco as part of his August guest editorship, but pushed back because (lol) we all missed the deadline. Here, we drop the new track and talk to no less than all six of them about how they work together in the studio, the designers in London that they’re most hyped about, and how they all fell into each others’ lives.

How do you guys all know each other and start working together? what's the story?

Yayoyanoh: I went to secondary school with Don Sinini and Zini. I met Sam, Jayson and Organ Tapes later on, through friends. 

Don Sinini: Zini, Yayo and I have known each other since school days, I met Organ Tapes through them a few years ago. We chill with each other and rate each other’s music, so collab was always bound to happen. I think we felt that so there was no rush, this gave us the chance to finally do it.

Jayson Hindley: We’ve all known each other for years now. We met Yayo when Sam and I lived in this warehouse in Stoke Newington. We started all hanging out around then. 

Samuel Ibram: That warehouse, we shared with Nasir Mazhar’s studio. It sort of became a cultural hub, where we met most of the people we work with now! Unfortunately it fell victim to the violent gentrification of North London. 

There are four artists credited on the track - that's busy, how you all separating roles in the studio?

Organ Tapes: Its basically just the four of us in my room, Zini was making the beat and we all kinda chipped in different ideas, then we all wrote and recorded our bits and got the basics laid out. We’ve all known each other for years so working together is pretty natural. A couple weeks later we re-recorded and added some bits, then I arranged it and that was it. We all produce and we all do vocals so tbh we can all play either of those roles.

Zini: i basically made the beat first and then everyone else touched it (with their vocals AND production).

Don Sinini: Yeah it sounds mad but was actually calm! We were in Organ Tapes’ yard and Zini made the beat very quickly whilst Organ, Yayo and I wrote verses. Again, we all rate each others’ styles so creative differences are minor. We laid down the verses and after that it was just structuring the song and adding a few more elements to the beat.

What was the concept behind the shoot?

Samuel Ibram: A dissociative fantasy in a club basement.

It also sounds like the sound of London now to me - how much does this beautiful hell city influence you all?

Yayoyanoh: I would say I’ve been influenced back in the day but not as much now. London was nice but it’s starting to get annoying.

Samuel Ibram: Growing up my parents sold jewellery on Portobello market. I was exposed to all these opposing cultural facets of London: going to the wholesalers in Southhall, eating Malay food on Edgware Road and being dragged to antique houses with my grandad in Chelsea. This all ultimately has inspired my work and politics. 

Jayson Hindley: I love London but I have to get out of the city regularly to really appreciate it. I always miss it when I’m away. Musically, I think London is insanely exciting right now. 

Zini: Definitely the mix of culture. You can hear all kinds of music here from all over the world.

Who are you all excited by in fashion right now, and why?

Jayson Hindley: I’m most excited by really unique brands such as Telfar and Nasir Mazhar. I always think it’s interesting to watch a designer create a new reality, not just with the clothes, but their musical influences and casting also. I really love Y-Project as well! 

Yayoyanoh: Excited for Nasir, MowalolaCottweiler and Wales Bonner cause they all catch my eye.

Samuel Ibram: Nasir, Asai & Mowalola always - London’s finest. Period. 

What's your song of the year, this year?

Yayoyanoh:  It’s OK” - Ayo Jay

Jayson Hindley: Homerton B” - Unknown T

Samuel Ibram: Control Button” – Shauna Chyn

Organ Tapes:  Never Needed No Help” – Lil Baby

Zini: “Noticed” - Lil Mosey

Don Sinini: Stay feat. Gabzy” – Melvitto