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The Blaze
photography Pascale Arnaud

The Blaze are taking over Another Man’s website

One of music’s most talked about acts drop their stunning new album Dancehall and explore their biggest inspirations

The Blaze, the mysterious French duo, have released their excellent debut album Dancehall. The musicians are revered for their moving, emotional take on electronic music, and in celebration of this moment, they’ve taken over the Another Man website. 

Over on Another Man, Guillaume and Jonathan Alric present five articles that explore their stunning works and their expansive inspirations. One piece in the series delves into the work of French photographers Josef Koudelka and Robert Doisneau, whose humanist documentation influenced their moving, intense “Queens” video. The pair also discuss the intimate cinematic works of Andrea Arnold, the director of American Honey, and elsewhere, break down the personal stories behind some of their most profound and memorable music videos, from intense, lovely “Virile” to the Forrest Gump-referencing “Heaven”.

‘One of our principle inspirations is emotional poetry – that’s what we’re searching for,” Guillaume Alric says in their reflective profile.

“For us, it’s important to bring emotion and a kind of human poetry to everything,” Jonathan says of their album. “We want people to feel that universal thing; to feel what it is to be human, to look at the other humans around them. Contemplate humanity and their own humanity too.”

For more, go to the Another Man site now.