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King Krule on the set of the ‘Biscuit Town’ videoPhotography Charlotte Patmore

King Krule takes us to ‘Biscuit Town’ is in his new music video

Nearly a year on from the release of The OOZ, its first song gets a video directed by cc. Wade

Where is Biscuit Town? Since King Krule released The OOZ in October last year, it’s been a place that has only existed in our minds – but with his latest new music video, Krule and directors cc. Wade bring Biscuit Town to life, showing us it’s somewhere between reality and Krule’s own signature dark, punk pit of emotion.

Like most of the musician’s work, the “Biscuit Town” video delves deep into Krule’s subconscious, taking us around a neon-lit city that reminiscent of downtown New York’s notorious 1940s jazz scene, subtly nodding to Krule’s jazz predecessors. Overlaid with an endless poetic chime of Krule’s thoughts, we’re then invited to take a seat with Krule at a red-soaked bar as he tells us about the song’s recurring female subject.

The video is littered with symbolism that takes us back to King Krule’s earliest days. The scratchy, doe-faced cartoons that pop up on his TV recall the artwork to his 2013 Edgar the Beatmaker EP Darkest Shades of Blue, the cover for debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon hangs as a poster on his wall, and the ominous, scuba-diving figure from his track “Octopus” appears on the bank watching Krule sail down a paper-made river. As the video comes to a close, Krule swims above us in a sky that appears trippily like the ocean. And as he literally bathes in blue, Krule shows us that Biscuit Town is a place deep we’re all invited to visit.

“Biscuit Town” is the first video of a three-part collaboration between King Krule and WeTransfer, who also produced an interview between Archy Marshall and video directors cc. Wade, which you can check out here. Otherwise, watch the “Biscuit Town” video below.