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Paul Institute - new songs

Hear two new songs from Jai and A.K. Paul’s label, Paul Institute

Newcomers HIRA and REINEN share ‘Red Light Drive’ and ‘Masquerade’

Jai and A. K. Paul have released two tracks by two brand new artists on their label, Paul Institute. “Red Light Drive” comes from HIRA, while “Masquerade” comes from REINEN.

In a statement released alongside the tracks, HIRA is described as a self-taught London artist inspired by Prince, Nirvana, the Neptunes, and Frank Ocean. “Red Light Drive” is billed as a “cyberpunk symphony set in that night club in Strange Days”. HIRA previously recorded as Hira King, and collaborated with A. K. Paul on last year’s “Eve”.

REINEN, meanwhile, bonded with A. K. Paul over their shared love of Annie Lennox, Tears for Fears, and Grace Jones. “Masquerade” is described as a “trigonal tale inspired by Red Curtain Cinema & Gothic Romance”.

The Paul Institute was founded by the Paul brothers in 2016. Last year they found a permanent home for the platform in west London, taking over a former BBC nightclub. The new tracks by HIRA and REINEN bring the label’s release total up to seven.

The label’s latest releases follow quickly on from a new music transmission last week, which saw the Paul Institute release new songs by Ruthven and Fabiana Palladino.

The vinyl versions of both tracks feature instrumental b-sides. Both songs are available on the Paul Institute website now.