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Listen to a preview of Robyn’s new song ‘Missing U’ in this teaser video

Robyn is dedicating ‘Missing U’ to all of her fans

It’s been a minute since Robyn served us with some new music. But the Swedish pop star is back to soothe our fears that we’d never hear from her again, hopping onto her Twitter and releasing what looks to be a teaser clip for her new song, “Missing U”, and possibly the music video that would accompany it. 

The video features Robyn introducing “Missing U” and opening up about the meaning of the song’s title. “‘Missing U’ is a little bit of a message to my fans that I’ve missed them,” she explains in the video, going on to explain why she’s coming back now with new music. “You know, I haven’t made an album in eight years,” she says. “I haven’t seen my fans for a long time either. So I think connecting back to them is important.” 

As she speaks, you can see soundless footage of what appears to be a dance party dedicated to Robyn happening somewhere in Brooklyn in New York City. In between Robyn’s commentary about “Missing U”, we see a fan explaining that he and his two friends bonded over their love of Robyn and organised that Brookyln dance party, expressing hopes that she’d also attend the party. It’s implied that she’s on her way to the dance party when, at the end of the video, we watch her walk down what looks to be an NYC street as a few seconds of “Missing U” plays.

As Pitchfork noted in their report, “Missing U” is Robyn’s first bit of new music in over a year (she contributed the song “Honey” to the Girls series finale in 2017) and the first song she’s officially released into the world in eight years as “Honey” was never officially released. Best of all, fans won’t have to wait long to hear “Missing U” in all of its glory as the song will be sent out into the world on Monday, July 30.