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Photograph by Bea Fremderman

Salem's picks

America’s most innovative electronic band share their recommendations and a rarely-before-seen music video from their archive

The momentous tri-city electronic band, Salem, needs little introduction. On the heels of a delirious weekend spent igniting crowds left and right in New York City with their melancholic juke anthems (at both The Knitting Factory and the gilded underground venue China Chalet), I took some prescriptive cues from duo vocalists John Holland and Heather Marlatt via mobile phone, just as real-time news trickled in about Michael Jackson’s death on Twitter.

Can you recommend…

…three new bands?
John Holland: DJ Nate, Lord Infamous, Remy Ma
Heather Marlatt: DJ Young Red, DJ Zay

…three old bands?
John Holland: Clara Rockmore, Pearl, Nina Simone
Heather Marlatt: Corrupted, Sleep, Earth

…a record label?
Heather Marlatt: Our label, Merok Records.

…a website?
Heather Marlatt:
John Holland: Heather’s Flickr

…a film?
John Holland: Three Women
Heather Marlatt: Paris, Texas or anything by Wim Wenders

…a book?
John Holland: Short Stories by Flannery O’Connor
Heather Marlatt: The Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters

…something on YouTube?
Heather Marlatt: A video Jack made.

…a radio show?
John Holland: I don’t listen to the radio.
Heather Marlatt: Hearing Voices on NPR.

…something to do on a day off?
John Holland: Go to the ocean.
Heather Marlatt: Go to the lake.

…a song everyone should hear?
John Holland: “Superstar” by The Carpenters.
Heather Marlatt: Prelude No. 4 in E Minor by Chopin.

…how to cope with the incredible loss of Michael Jackson?
Heather Marlatt: I think he is happier now.