The ‘This is America’ choreographer released a dance tutorial

Now you can learn the key moves too

Sherrie Silver, the choreographer for Childish Gambino’s “This is America” video, has released a tutorial for the dance moves seen in the visual.

As she explains at the start of the tutorial, she originally promised to share step-by-step instructions once the video reached 100,000 million views. “This is America” has since gone on to over 130,000 million views since it was released last week.

In the video, she shows you how to do the Gwara Gwara and The Neza dances among others, aided by kid’s dance group Dem 3.

Born in Rwanda and raised in the UK, Silver has worked all around the world, explaining to Glamour that she was contacted by Donald Glover’s team based on the fact that some of her videos saw her work with children.

Watch the first part of the tutorial videos above, and watch the original “This is America” video below. Revisit our article exploring some of the symbolism seen in the visual here.