Watch Donald Glover sing ‘Superstition’ with Stevie Wonder

Celebrating the legendary artist’s 67th birthday in style

Stevie Wonder celebrated his 67th birthday party on Wednesday night (May 9) with a party at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles. As Pitchfork note, he performed his classic “Superstition” while joined on-stage by friends including Kelly Rowland, Jessie J, and Donald Glover.

Besides singing with Glover, Wonder also praised the actor, writer, and artist for his latest Childish Gambino music video, “This is America”. “In a time where the world seems to asleep, it’s great to know when people are woke,” Wonder said, according to The Blast.

Also in attendance was rapper T.I., who shot a video where Stevie Wonder jokes that he “saw” the “This is America” video, drawing laughter from the crowd, and said that he has songs for a new project that he’d like to collaborate with Glover for. “Your peoples are talking to my peoples,” Wonder said.

Glover explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (May 10) how he was picked for the performance from the audience on the night. “It was nuts,” he said. “Halfway through, somebody said ‘Do you want to sing ‘Superstition’ with Stevie Wonder?’ And I’m like, ‘Of course I would.’ And then I’m like, on my phone like (in a panicked voice) ‘What are the lyrics?!’ ... It was really crazy.”

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