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Girls (San Francisco, USA)

Two wasters, one of which is an escapee from the Children of God cult come together to make spiritual music of sorts.

Girls are two blokes (Christopher Owen and JR White) from San Francisco. They both spent their early twenties working in kitchens, serving drinks in coffee shops and taking ketamine with their friends. Then they started playing music and duly impressed the San Franciscan creative community. Their single 'Lust For Life' revels in self deprecating cliché and was one of the singles of last summer. With their first album due this year they’re enjoying touring and making new friends. We caught up with them to discuss self-loathing, drugs and RnB.

Q & A
… so special about you?
Our fans are special. That’s why this whole thing exists. They identify with the self-loathing, the whole ‘fuck you’, self deprecating thing. People listen to our songs and by the end it’s like ‘I’m not going out like that’. It’s pretty universal.

… your worst vice?
We both know right away but we don’t want to say. During making the album there was a lot of drug taking. We were our own worst enemy. The ones that were most damaged left and are now trying to heal themselves. Our worst vice is downers.

… the best advice you’ve been given?
‘Shut the fuck up’. That’s not true actually. I don’t know my dad very well but once he wrote me an email. ‘Life can get ugly sometimes but that doesn’t mean we have to’. That kind of struck a chord.

Digital or analog?
We use both but I’m gonna say digital and be that guy. Everything you hear now is recorded digitally and sometimes now you hear analogue and it feels foreign to me. The digital thing always sound smoother. I’m gonna support digital whole heartedly. Crappy Myspace mp3’s are what people used to email us and the whole thing came through Myspace.

… the world coming to?
Self destruction. Just like the Roman empire but on a larger scale. It’s a good thing they have that big telescope for the NASA Kepler mission so we can look for another planet. They know as well as anybody else that we’re about to destroy the planet.

... your hero?
I love Tennessee Williams. He’s very sensitive but funny. An iconic American writer.

… your worst fashion secret?
I wear these fucking Diesel jeans all the fucking time because we ended up playing an in-store. Everyone in the band has them so when one of us wears them we’re like ‘Nice jeans dude’.

… going to happen this year?
The album. We’re thinking about just calling it ‘Album’. About girls we know. Every song will have a photograph of a girl we know and be a representation of a girl.

… are you listening to now?
Bad Brains, Black Flag, Operation Ivy are what we grew up on. Ariel Pink is a genius and more recently we’ve gotten into Arthur Russell and The Magic Kids.

Single 'Hellhole Ratrace' out now. Album to be released in September.