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An astrologer explains what exactly is going on in Kanye’s stars right now

Unpicking Kanye’s latest Trump controversy via the planets

Kanye West may be the most infamous (and most Gemini) Gemini. It was once Scorpios who got the most hate of the zodiac, but Geminis have definitely replaced them of late, and Kanye consistently falls right in the centre of Gemini-esque drama by being mercurial (the word comes from Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini), unpredictable, and hard to classify. The phrase some use for this is “two-faced” – Gemini is represented by ‘the twins’, after all.

There’s more to Kanye than just his Gemini, though. In what may be his most controversial moment yet, having aligned himself with the likes of President Trump, neocon Peter Thiel, and the MAGA “movement”, let’s take a look at what’s happening for him astrologically that might be making him, to quote his wife Kim Kardashian, more “expressive”. Kanye always has a degree of fluidity in image and self-perception, because his Gemini Sun is made really big and outlandish by the influence of Jupiter, and somewhat illusory and ever-changing due to the influence of Neptune. These same forces account for a lot of his massive influence on the public – this is influential astrology, especially for an artist. Music, dance, cinema, and photography are all disciplines that correlate with Neptune, as are advertising, PR, and even propaganda. The line between publicity and fantasy, PR and propaganda can be thin, and Kanye represents some of this blending. He has achieved a level of fame that few can claim, but tends to struggle with going too far.

The first thing that jumps out as not being especially kind to Kanye’s public image is the Mercury-Saturn square that’s currently touching on Kanye’s houses of fame and work – whatever occurred behind the scenes over Mercury Retrograde is all pouring out now unfiltered,  and not in a favourable light. This is both about him feeling a certain type of pressure or possibly low self-esteem (common to this type of astrology), and also putting a severe strain on public perception of him, perhaps even his entire future career path. This will continue to evolve under his Saturn square next year, when he’ll be taking major inventory of what has transpired to date, and reassessing his past actions, especially as pertains to finances and sense of self.

“These may not be momentary outbursts as we have sometimes seen with him in the past, but more lasting directional shifts that alter the course of his creations for a long time to come”

Kanye’s natal Pisces Moon makes him quite psychically sensitive and highly intuitive – Pisces is a mutable sign, like Gemini, both of which are attuned to the zeitgeist and incoming trends. Given this type of precognition, I think what’s also going on here is that Kanye is feeling the effects of Uranus (the wild card planet of surprise and giant “fuck you”s) changing signs into Taurus, where Kanye has his creative planets (Venus and Mars) in that same house of career and fame. Between May and November, we’ll be seeing more of the direction he’ll be taking creatively and also possibly romantically under this major change influence of shock and awe.

The strangest part of all is that from an astrological perspective, these may not be momentary outbursts as we have sometimes seen with him in the past, but more lasting directional shifts that alter the course of his creations and expression for a long time to come. The planet Neptune is also influencing his Moon now – a long, slow influence that won’t be over any time soon. This effect can be highly creative, but also makes him more susceptible to delusion and fantasy. It can be easy to con or get conned under an aspect like that. There are, in essence, numerous frequencies to tune into, but not all are equally reliable.

From astrological perspective, he has huge creative potential in the near future, to create music that’s wildly different and innovative even beyond what he has done so far. Personally, I think 2019 is going to hold a theme of Kanye rehabilitating, and redressing some of what he is speaking on right now. But it’s also possible he could double down, and use that ‘expressive’ energy to go in an entirely new artistic direction. Only time will tell.

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