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Vince Staples, photographed by Tyler Mitchell for Dazed
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Vince Staples shuts down his GoFundMe, donates to Michelle Obama’s charity

The rapper refunded $2k from the ‘Get The Fuck Off My Dick’ crowdfunder

Vince Staples recently launched an ambitious, dry-as-fuck GofundMe campaign, in which he invited critics to bankroll his early retirement at 24. Asking for a humble amount of $2 million, he promised to “shut the fuck up forever and you will never hear from me again. No songs, no interviews, no anything”.

In the accompanying video, Staples explains how the recent complaints about his stage performances and the toxic reactions on his sharp statements led to that decision. “Get the fuck off my dick or fund my lifestyle, the choice is yours”.

However, Staples won't be using the $2k the fund managed to raise from haters for the puppy, soup, and Honda he originally asserted he wanted. He tweeted that he will: “refund all the little people with big voices. I expect to hear no further slander”. The rapper now plans to personally match the $2,022 and donate it to the Michelle Obama library of Long Beach, Vince Staples' home. The library provides local youth and community members with access to educational materials.

Though it seems the original campaign was an ad for his latest tune, it's still pretty cute, and a big chunk of money is going to a great cause.