David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption is heading to New York

Angel Olsen, Jon Hopkins, Flying Lotus and more will play the filmmaker’s festival in May

David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption has had two successful outings in Los Angeles already, and now it will be heading to New York City.

This year’s lineup, curated entirely by the filmmaker, includes musical performances from indie acts like Angel Olsen and Jon Hopkins, as well as Animal Collective’s Avey Tare, Geologist, and Deakin, who will be playing music from Tangerine Reef, an audiovisual project about coral reefs. Au Revoir Simone and Rebekah Del Rio, who both appeared in Twin Peaks: The Return, will also perform, and Flying Lotus will play a DJ set.

Outside of music, there will be art exhibits from Lynch, David OReilly, and William Eggleston, as well as the NYC premiere of Sandro Miller’s Psychogenic Fugue, which features John Malkovich photographed as iconic David Lynch characters.

Given Lynch’s commitment to Transcendental Meditation, it’s maybe no surprise that there will also be ‘meditation experiences’ led by Bob Roth and soundtracked by Brian Eno’s Reflection. Proceeds from the festival go to the David Lynch Foundation, which is focused on spreading the Transcendental Meditation technique to tackle trauma.

Lynch himself will present a series of talks, including a screening of Blue Velvet with actress Isabella Rossellini.

The Festival of Disruption takes place between May 18 and 20 at Brooklyn Steel.