Watch Lana Del Rey do Lana Del Rey songs at karaoke with Lana Del Rey fans

‘If you’re at my karaoke bar and you know my choreo I will probably sing with you’

This weekend, some Lana Del Rey fans sung the artist’s Lust For Life track “Cherry” at a karaoke bar. This is relatively normal, considering Lana Del Rey is a famous musician and people like to sing things by famous musicians at karaoke bars. What’s less normal is that said famous musician is actually in the audience, and that they join their fans on-stage for the performance.

That is exactly what happened in a very fun clip going around Twitter right now. Not only does Del Rey do the moves for “Cherry” herself, two girls on-stage seem to also have the the choreography down perfectly. “If you’re at my karaoke bar and you know my Choreo I will probably sing with you,” Lana Del Rey tweeted the following day.

Watch the clip above and have a blessed day.