Someone proposed on-stage at a Kelela show last night

Will you marry me? LMK

Last night, Kelela played one of her biggest UK stages at London’s Roundhouse. The R&B singer’s set moved through material from her modern classic CUT 4 ME mixtape as well as reworked versions of tracks from last year’s debut album Take Me Apart, climaxing with a UK garage rework of “Rewind”.

Earlier in the set, she also played an extended version of “Go All Night”. Midway through the song, she brought out a special guest – but rather than another performer, it was a fan from Philadelphia. Turns out, the fan was being surprised with an on-stage proposal from her now-fiancé.

Zack Spence surprised She’Neil Johnson on-stage, writing on Instagram: “That was a good surprise. So I get her a Christmas gift to see her favourite artist Kelela in London. She thought she was only going with her sister and friend. But I had to pop up on her and pop that question!!! Running through London all day, I ain’t sleep since yesterday... I love you babe!! Thanks for everybody helping me pull this together!”

She’Neil also wrote: “Today was the beginning of forever! I thought I was just going to London to see my favorite artist perform and celebrate my sister’s birthdays. My plug... got us back stage passes so I was so hype when Kelela invited me on stage... BUTTTTT I didn’t know my bae was going to meet us on-stage and pop the question. Wowwww I am still so shocked trying to gather my life because it was all so beautiful!”

Watch a video of it below.