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Frank Ocean Self Portrait
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Frank Ocean’s new song ‘Moon River’ is a reinterpretation of a 60s classic

The R&B star has been watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Last month, Frank Ocean posted an image on Tumblr of a man wearing a hat bearing the words, “If you liked 2017, you’ll love… 2018”. Fans interpreted this message as a hint that Ocean would be releasing new music this year. Turns out, they were right – the R&B star has posted a new song on YouTube, “Moon River”.

“Moon River” is Ocean’s reinterpretation of a 1961 ballad, penned by the legendary Henry Mancini and performed by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. His version is sparse, consisting of little more than guitar, vocals, and atmospheric effects.

Although technically uploaded to YouTube on February 15, its artwork – bearing the numbers ‘2/14’ – suggests it’s a late Valentine’s Day gift from the singer. 

Listen below.