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Fupu - winter 2017
Uhuru wears organza cape with velvet flocking Dsquared2, ring worn in hair Leigh MillerPhotography Hart + Leshkina, styling Alison Marie Isbell

FUPU guitarist Uhuru’s new music video is black femme revenge on misogyny

Watch Uhuru splosh and saw through the video for her new single, ‘She D’Evil’

Last year we profiled FUPU (Fuck U Pay Us), an LA band pushing positive thinking and cacophonous punk, in Dazed. “FUPU is not entertainment. This is no gig. This is no act. This is about real people who are experiencing oppression, putting that to music,” guitarist and singer Uhuru Moor told us. “If you can’t be aware of the situation with the four members of this band, then you’ll never be aware of black Americans, or black people internationally.”

Back in January, Uhuru released a radical debut solo LPThe Brightest Oddest Strangest Star U Ever Did Saw Up Close And Afar From Planet Earth To Mars and Beyond, under her breakaway moniker The Uhuruverse. Debut single “She D’Evil”, with Celeste XXX, is all abrasive rhythms, heavy low-end, and orgasmic moans that turn into screams.

Here we premiere its video, while Uhuru runs us through its wild and sploshy visuals.

”She D'Evil is a femme fatale. We wanted the video to hint at that. Misogyny teaches that womxn are inferior, that womxn are prey, and that womxn are to be dominated by men... So I wanted to write a song that turns those lies on their head and gives men fear of womxn if they try it! It is the femme revenge to misogyny and it is the Black femme revenge specifically to misogynoir.

“This is a single from my debut solo album The Brightest Oddest Strangest Star U Ever Did Saw Up Close and Afar From Planet Earth to Mars and Beyond. This beat is fire as hell (get it?) because my producer literally makes the best beats, if you listen to the album you will hear a variety of vogue, new jack swing, hip hop and electronic beats/songs we experimented with.

“This song took me the longest to write and I still never know if it is ‘done’ – I also was nervous a bit, thinking is it too much?! Is it too scary?! But I know there is no such thing!

“The video is some of my best work and that says a lot because all my videos are sick! This was the first time I released the role of director completely (because I'm a control freak) but Tristan Scott Behrends is easy to trust with direction, I was in his film Curtain Down and he is phenomenal! I’m thankful for creative teamwork.

“My album is self written and independently produced by NVSBL GVNG and I know it is a classic. The combination of OneLLe Woods and Tre Seoul beats plus my experimental lyrics talking shit about all things femme, queer, Black and punk – there is a song on there for everyone and it is all trippy af of course! I'm on my own wave! Shukrani Dazed for sharing my artwerk.”

– Uhuru

Producer OneLLe Woods of NVSBL GVNG, director Tristan Scott Behrends, DP & producer Rhianon Jones, colourist Scott Bradbury, make-up by Thurz