King Krule’s calming new Instagram is just photos of the sky

And you can submit yours

King Krule’s second album The OOZ was released with some lovely, simple cover art: an aeroplane drifting through a cloudless sky at sunset, with thick contrails (or, you know, chemtrails) streaming behind it.

On Friday (January 26), the south London musician took to his Instagram Stories asking fans to submit their own version of The OOZ sky. “Send in your version... and I’m gonna collect them maybe even give prizes out or something,” he wrote.

Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit point out that the artist has set up a new account for submissions, and has been sharing images from Italy to Canada to Japan. King Krule confirmed the account’s legitimacy on Stories and revealed that there will be a prize for the winning submission.

King Krule is clearly no stickler for the rules, as he’s not established the prize, the criteria for winning, the deadline for submissions, or how you should actually send in your own photos – although the account’s DMs are open, so you can presumably go ahead and slide in there.

Check out a handful of the submissions below, and head to the @oozskyphotos Instagram to see them all.