50 Cent accidentally made millions in bitcoin on his last album

He took a brave chance on the cryptocurrency in 2014

Way back in 2014, before bitcoin was on the news every single day and it was still relatively unknown, one big name took a chance on it – 50 Cent. When the rapper’s last album, Animal Ambition, was released in 2014, bitcoin was only valued at $662 per bitcoin. 50 Cent accepted payment for his album in the digital currency – customers could get their own copy for just a fraction of a bitcoin, obviously.

According to TMZ, Animal Ambition managed to pull in an impressive 700 bitcoin in sales, which is over $400k. The cryptocurrency sat around about in 50’s account for the years that have passed – in 2018, bitcoin’s value is fluctuating between $10k and $12k. Maths is hard, but that means 50 Cent is sitting on somewhere between $7 million and $8.5 million.

The market has been declining since that big spike a few weeks back, but that is still a lot of money if he cashes in now. And considering 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, he’s probably pretty glad to be accidentally sitting on a goldmine.