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KelisPhotography Estevan Oriol

Kelis is a farmer now

‘We’re buying a farm... so that we can grow everything and sustain everything that way’

Besides being a platinum-selling artist, Kelis is also a big foodie: she’s written a cookbook, trained as a saucier at Le Cordon Bleu, and in 2014 she literally released an album called Food. Now she’s revealed that she’ll be taking that obsession a step further – she’s moving to a farm so she can grow her own vegetables.

Speaking to Architectural Digest, the “Milkshake” hitmaker revealed that she’d be selling her 1920s home in Glendale, Los Angeles in order to have more power over what her children are consuming.

“Now that I’ve got these two boys, I want to control a little bit more how we eat,” she said. “We’re buying a farm, so that’s why we’re moving: so that we can grow everything and sustain everything that way.”

The home that Kelis is selling (for a neat $1.8 million) is extremely nice. So nice, in fact, that it’s clear how committed you’d have to be to a lifestyle of sustainable agriculture to part with it. So you can bet that Kelis is very serious about this.

Dazed was fortunate enough to sample Kelis’s cooking when she opened a pop-up restaurant in London in 2016, and we can vouch for the fact that she makes some delicious grub. 

Watch what happened when Nowness visited the house last year below.