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Watch the posthumous video for Lil Peep’s ‘Save That Shit’

The poignant, sweet video combines new footage with clips of the late artist on tour

Before his tragic and untimely death aged just 21 in November, Lil Peep created an impressive body of work. Between mixtapes, SoundCloud tracks, and the first half of his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober, the emo rapper was enviously prolific for his age.

To honour his hard work, immense talent and extraordinary life, his family are continuing to release music and visuals as he had originally intended. As part of this plan, his mother, Liza Womack, has released a video for his track “Save That Shit”, originally from Come Over When You’re Sober. In a statement, Liza said, “it's been a hard time for all of us who loved Gus and we are going through the process of coming to terms with our loss. Peep would have wanted his collaborators to move forward with his plan for the release of music and visuals in 2018 as he had originally intended. So today, we are starting that process by releasing the video for ‘Save That Shit.’”

The video, directed by Peep’s close friends and collaborators Mezzy and Heavyrayn, features new footage exploring a narrative of a woman going about her day while waiting for Peep to respond to her texts. Of the video Mezzy said, “the ultimate goal here to me is to do anything that we can to spread Gus’ music and to color inside of the lines he created through his art”.

The footage is interspersed with clips from Peep on tour – him smiling, on his phone, hanging out with his friends, and performing. It captures both his sweet, charming personality and the incredible energy of his live performance. It shows him onstage, singing “Save That Shit” to his hundreds of adoring, enthusiastic fans, all of whom are screaming it right back in his face.

In 2018, Peep’s family will also release a collaborative track with DJ Marshmello in January 12. On December 2, his family and friends held a memorial in his honour, with Good Charlotte performing a cover of his song “Awful Things” for the service. Peep had an remarkable influence during the brief time he was with us, both on fans and on the artists that he spent his life looking up to. This video is a continuation of that important and impressive legacy, one that will continue.

You can watch it below.