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Watch HAIM celebrate Hanukkah with their own festive song


Last night marked the first night of Hanukkah, and HAIM were quick off the mark to show they’re definitely in the festive spirit. The trio are no strangers to a strong bass line and a steady drum beat and their new song, released especially for Hanukkah, is no exception.

Definitely less serious than their previous releases, the sisters uploaded the song to their Twitter account with a splash of sass towards the current King of Hanukkah, Adam Sandler: “First night of Haimukkah. Sandler, we’re coming for you.” uh oh. Este takes lead vocals, with Danielle and Alana joining in on the “Light me up like I’m a menorah” hook.

HAIM released their second album Something To Tell You in July. The band worked with filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson on the beautiful video for “Right Now” and “Little of Your Love”, as well as the short film Valentine. While their latest piece may not have quite the pop-rock precision of the sisters’ last work, it’s a playful tune that references Maccabees, latkes, vodka and Manischewitz wine.

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