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Jai Paul and A.K Paul release two tracks on new label

There’s still no sign of new music from Jai Paul, but two songs by Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven are here if you’re signed up to The Paul Institute

Jai Paul thrust himself back into the ‘limelight’ this week in typically low key fashion – his photo (the first in three years) appearing in a property magazine, as The Paul Institute, an artistic venture he has partnered on with his brother A.K Paul, announced it had taken over an ex-BBC nightclub to be its headquarters.

Today, they’ve released music – one track called “Mystery” by London artist Fabiana Palladino, a dreamy, carefully crafted synth pop track reminiscent of Naomi Elizabeth, and another track called “Evil” by an unknown called Ruthven, a very 80s tune (sounds A LOT like The Pointer Sisters) that shares similarities in terms of the production aesthetic that Jai Paul became famous, and adored for.

You can listen to the tracks by heading to The Paul Institute and enrolling here, if you haven’t already.