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Princess Nokia stopped her show to call out gentrification

She made an announcement on stage in support of London's Latin American community

Princess Nokia is never afraid to speak up in support of causes she believes in, and at her gig in Brixton this weekend, she paused the music to shout out the Latin American community facing the effects of gentrification in London.

"There is a very beautiful immigration community from South America that has taken refuge in Britain," she said. "This is the place that is being threatened to be taken down. They have created a safe space for vending and for livelihood within their community."

Latin Village in Tottenham, north London, has been battling against gentrification for over ten years. An indoor market which has the second highest concentration of Latin American businesses in London, it is a community hub for Latinx people.

Writing in gal-dem, Maria Cabera explained that since the “Seven Sisters Regeneration” plan was announced in 2003, the indoor market has been under the threat of removal and demolishment.

"To hear of its possible closure is extremely sad.  Not only will it take away the little we have but it will declare our cultures as insignificant to the 'multi-cultural' city the government continues to shout about whilst simultaneously allowing gentrification to push out communities," she wrote.

Princess Nokia, who is Afro-Latina (with family hailing from Puerto Rica), was asked to make the shout out by intersectional feminist group, The London Latinx's, who have been tirelessly protesting the closure of Latin Village.

A spokesperson from the group said they were thrilled that Princess Nokia had spoken with them: "It all started when one of the members of Latinxs made an intervention outside Electric Brixton, welcoming Princess Nokia. That caught her attention and she was very moved," they explained.

"We were then able to contact her through social media and share information about the campaign at Seven Sisters Market and about the forced displacement that the Latinx community in London is facing.

"We were hoping she would give us a shout out but we never thought she was actually gonna stop the concert and give a three-minute speech speaking in support of the campaign. So, we were literally in tears!"

Princess Nokia called it a "wonderful cause". She added: "They are trying to bring awareness to causes such as a gentrification to inner-city communities such as this."

"I am an Afro-Latina woman, if you want to respect me, then respect the real Latino community that is existing here. Educate yourself, understand that this is a population that needs a voice, that is underrepresented, that needs more knowledge, and needs more support."

She ended her speech with the rallying cry of "Save Latin Village!" It's one we can all get behind.

Support the Latin American community in London and Seven Sisters indoor market by visiting the market, spreading the word, signing the petition or donating to the crowdfunder