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Willow Smith shares first feminist single from her new album

It's a call out for an equal society

Willow Smith has released a new single from her upcoming album The 1st.

Named "Romance", the track is a folky, introspective, feminist call-out, which showcases Smith's powerful vocals.

Backed by acoustic guitar, she sings: “I'm imagining a different history / Where man and women stay equal / In the eyes of society / Where we don't condemn different people / For exercising their freedom / We're sexist, I cried in an act of divine love”

Her upcoming album is due out on October 31, which is also her 17th birthday. 

Smith took to the stage in the UK for the first time in a number of years at Afropunk London this summer. She begins her US tour with alt R&B singer Jhene Aiko on November 14.

Last December Smith released her self-produced EP Mellifluous. The tracks – which are tagged as “transcendental lullabies” – were described by Smith as “original guitar songs”.

Last year in an interview with Amandla Stenberg for Dazed, she spoke in depth about her feminist ideals: “It’s rough, especially for girls on social media, because we’re sexualised so much it’s like, ‘Wow, when are we – and other people – going to see ourselves as people and not objects?’”

Listen to “Romance” in full below: