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No One There Exhibiton

This music video is an acid trip on the streets of 80s NYC

Julian Casablancas’ vocals and hazy, trippy rainbows light up the video to Exhibition's debut solo song

Musician Hammarsing Kharhmar is always on the rise. He’s the founder of New York new wave band Mon Khmer and he also once played in Albert Hammond Jr’s band AHJ. This year he launched his newest solo project Exhibition and debuted his first song “No One There” featuring the vocals from The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas – today he launches the video for the psychedelic pop track.

Directed by New York based filmmaker Charles Billot and art director Piera Wolf, and produced by Nour Sabbagh Chahal, the clip is an 80s-tinged trip of glowing rainbow lights that follows subject Erin Victoria Axtell around the streets of New York. Immersed in Axtell’s world, trippy lights linger across frames while Kharhmar and Casablancas’ soothing vocals reverberate over the top.

“The original version was just the synth line in the choruses but Julian had a vocal melody that he wanted to try,” says Kharhmar. “What he added took the song to another place. A beautiful one. Piera and Charles have done something similar with the video. They captured a mood and feeling that lifts the song so naturally. There are no distractions. Erin is fantastic and I can’t think of anyone better to star in it. An incredible team worked on this video. I'm extremely grateful.”

Casablancas is equally pleased by the collaboration. “Hammar is an insane soccer player,” he says over email. “Like next level speed, power, precision and grace. I just thought people should know that about the guy..but really, working on the song was so fun. Was such a cool song I instantly had ideas...he came to my place and we worked on it thru the night. Love Hammar as a guy, so special, and love his music so much too…”

Watch the video for “No One There” below