L7 release first song in 18 years: a biting anti-Trump track

‘Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago’ is a ferocious clapback from the punk heroes

Though L7 have been touring and playing together again since 2015, it’s been 18 years since the band have released any music. Now they’re back, skewering U.S president Donald Trump to a very biting, very L7 track.

“Dispatch from Mar-A-Lago” tells of the grunge band’s mission, where they’re “stormin’ the gates” of the “winter White House”. “S.O.S. from the golden throne / Mogul’s in deep shit, he’s all alone,” lead singer and guitarist Donita Sparks spits.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Sparks explains that writing tunes directed at Trump weren’t part of the original plan, but they felt they had to do something. “It would almost be negligent to not make any sort of a comment on the current political situation,” she says. “And our fans were just so devastated that we were like, ‘Fuck it. We don't care if this is topical and, quite frankly, we're one of the only bands that could actually fucking do it.’ Because we’ve got that humor and that furiousness, and we take on politics and society.

“Making fun of your government is a tradition older than this country, and that's what this track is,” Sparks added.

The track is a gloriously venomous track, and reminiscent of their peak, melding punk and metal, politics and a stinging humour.

The band say that they’ll be releasing another song later this year, after the wide release of their documentary, L7: Pretend We’re Dead, featuring each band member and interviews from Shirley Manson, Lydia Lunch, Joan Jett and Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic. The film chronicles the band’s beginning in 80s LA and the DIY scene, hurtling through their riot grrrl and grunge-studded heyday to their breakup in 2001, up to their recent reunion.

Listen to “Dispatch from Mar-A-Lago” below, and read back on Sparks recalling the band's most fearless moments here.