Watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s short film about HAIM

Valentine is a behind-the-scenes look at at the creation of the LA four-piece’s latest album Something to Tell You

Haim have released Valentine, a 14-minute film shot by director Paul Thomas Anderson. The video, which premiered at invite-only screenings in New York and Los Angeles in July, provides an intimate look at the creation of the band’s recent album Something to Tell You.

Filmed at Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles, the film shows the sisters workshopping and layering early versions of tracks like “Something to Tell You”, “Right Now”, and “Nothing’s Wrong”. The video is very simple and focuses solely on the girls’ music and process. On Twitter, Haim said that they wanted to work with Paul Thomas Anderson because they had been fans of his work ever since the first time they “saw Boogie Nights on TBS” when they were kids.

The band and director first teamed up earlier this year (after realising that their mother was his former art teacher) to direct their music video for “Right Now”. You can watch Valentine, which combines that video with other studio performances and a drum circle, below.

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