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Kontakte's Lost Road Movies

Dazed Digital talks to London band Kontakte about setting the volume to high and killing for tea and scotch.

Attempting genuine post-rock has always been a treacherous pursuit – one just as likely to result in nonsensical folly, as paradigm challenging genius. Well, luckily for us, this time the coin has landed shiny side up. London’s very own Kontakte (Ian Griffiths, Gary McDermott, Stuart Low, and Ben Worth) appear to be the real deal.

Put on their debut album, “Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies”, and you are instantly beamed onto the autobahn – electronica ringing in your ears, whilst insurgent guitar lines roar past in a streaming blur. In fact, we were so convinced by the whole experience that we felt the need to pull over, pick up the car-phone and ask some questions.



… your description of your sound?
Hypnotic, textural, cinematic. They're some of the qualities we aim to achieve. I think we try to create something both powerful and subtle, if that's possible.

… the story behind your name?
It's taken from Stockhausen's seminal piece 'Kontakte'. He was the pioneer of electronic music, and in 1958 he 'contacted' both electronic and acoustic sounds in one arrangement for the first time. The chance of seeing him perform 'Kontakte' in 2005 instantly provided the perfect title for a project that was starting to bubble in South London.

...what's better, analogue or digital?
Neither is better or worse, and both can co-exist together perfectly – that’s essentially what Kontakte attempt to do. Some of our beats are taken from analogue machines, but they're eventually digitised. That's just part of the nature of music today. It's the path most things follow.

… your worst vice?
I think we're still hunting for that. Unless you can count volume. We are guilty of setting our pedals too high at times.

… your dream musical collaboration?
It would have to be with a producer who could surprise us and kick us up the arse:
Ken Thomas, Brian Eno, Steve Albini (who does incredible work with Mono) and of course Stockhausen (RIP).

… on your stereo?
Today, Nathan Fake. Tomorrow who knows?

… the best piece of advice you've heard?
Quite possibly we're still waiting for that. When we hear it we'll let you know, and we'll use it as a motto for life.

… the one thing you’d kill for?
In the morning that would be a cup of tea. In the evening a fine scotch.

Kontakte are set to play this summer’s 1234 Shoreditch festival and are on Drifting Falling Records.