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via YouTube / LOYALTY.

Kendrick and Rihanna get loved up and reckless in ‘Loyalty’

The new video from Kendrick Lamar's album DAMN has dropped

The video for Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna's song "LOYALTY." is here and it's and it's arrestingly wacky and beautiful – a gangster story for the noughties generation.

The third track to get a video release from Kendrick's album DAMN, "LOYALTY." sees the pair roll out on a wild, violent adventure which tests both of their (you guessed it) loyalties. Rihanna is at her best as a bad bitch putting her man into difficulties and demanding his faithfulness, while Kendrick holds Riri's life in the balance as he hangs her over the top of a tall building.

Love's gonna get you killed, sings Kendrick on the track, which seems about right as the sharks symbolically smashing toward him in the concrete make their approach. In other scenes he looks as though he's about to be killed in a sexy feminist ritual, while towards the end of the film he and Rihanna do actually suffocate his dopplegänger.

Dave Meyers, who also directed the music video for “HUMBLE” and, most recently, SZA's “Drew Barrymore”, is the man behind the visuals, as well as Dave Free and Lamar himself, as part of their duo The Little Homies. Kendrick's last release was the power-packed visual for “ELEMENT.”, directed by fashion photographer Jonas Lindström.

Watch the video for “LOYALTY.” below: