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Kesha Praying

Go behind-the-scenes of Kesha’s beautiful comeback ‘Praying’

The singer explains her feelings of ‘healing’ and ‘rebirth’ on the colourful set of her stunning video

Following the release of her victorious return track “Praying”, and the carefree “Woman” with colour-bursting videos to match, Kesha has released a behind-the-scenes look at her comeback.

“‘Praying’ showcases my voice in a way my voice has never been showcased in my entire life,” she says in the visual. The powerful song definitely does her talent justice – check that high note at the end – and the lyrics zone in on an intense period of pain that was laid bare for the world.

I'm proud of who I am,” she sings, soaring. “No more monsters; I can breathe again.” The song, her first in four years, feels incredibly poignant, as we see Kesha finally able to fully exhibit her talent on a world stage again, this time, with nothing holding her down.

She describes the project as “a dream come true”, adding, “the video is something I’m so excited for the world to see.”

“It’s a psychedelic trip into my mind, I’m like putting my life into metaphors. It’s very cathartic; it’s like the best therapy session, the longest therapy session ever,” she says. 

The singer has endured years of intense legal altercations with her former producer Dr. Luke. Her upcoming album Rainbow explores her complex feelings, and journey to healing. What we’ve seen so far in “Praying” and “Woman” is a awe-inspiring exhibition of Kesha’s personal strength, forgiveness, and fighting spirit.

“It’s me talking about going through hard things and coming out the other side and being ok,” she details in the video. “Hopefully it inspires other people they can get through something.”

In a recent interview, Kesha delved further into this thinking, relating that music has been a major source of solace and therapy. She told Elvis Duran that she pushed herself to write lyrics that depicted, "the hardest thing I could possibly find to say and the thing that I didn’t want to be true or I didn’t want to say and it would just bring me to tears to even think about saying out loud in a room full of co-writers. And that’s when I knew that’s the very thing I have to say, that's the very thing I have to sing.”