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Novelist - New Era
NovelistCourtesy of New Era

Watch D Double E, Tempa T & Novelist tell the story of grime

The Acts of Grime is a documentary series produced by headwear brand New Era that tells the story of the genre through the eyes of three generations of MCs

Given grime’s modest roots in pirate radio stations and east London basements, few expected such a small, DIY, hyperlocal sound to capture the global zeitgeist – but in 2017 the genre is arguably the most successful it has ever been.

The Acts of Grime is a three-part series documenting the history of the genre. Produced by headwear brand New Era, who’ve been a fashion staple in the grime scene since day one, and produced and directed by renowned directors Tim and Barry, the documentaries tell the story of grime through the eyes of three different MCs who each came to prominence in three distinct eras of the genre.

The first film follows legendary Newham Generals MC D Double E, who has been active in the scene for the past 15 years. The second stars Tempa T, whose 2009 anthem “Next Hype” forced the mainstream to start paying attention to grime again. Finally, the third film focuses on Novelist, the young Lewisham artist who helped usher in a new generation of MC when he first broke through a few years ago.

Together, the films capture what grime means to its creators and how it became a global phenomenon. In the words of Tempa T: “You can’t take the grime out of people.”

A launch event at Red Gallery in Shoreditch, east London on July 26 will be headlined by Novelist with a lineup featuring the newest and best in grime. Tickets go on sale July 19 and can be bought here – follow @neweraeurope for updates.

Following the party, New Era will be releasing a limited edition signature headwear collection designed with the three MCs. The caps go on sale at New Era stores on London’s Carnaby Street and in Westfield Stratford City on July 28 from 10am.

Watch the documentaries below.

First Act: D Double E

Second Act: Tempa T

Third Act: Novelist