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HirakishPhotography Jordan Hemingway

The HBA catwalk star ready to be a rock icon

‘All the real legends of rock’n’roll and music culture are dying off. Now it’s time for me to take their place’: hear New Orleans musician Hirakish’s ‘Liquid Geezus’

Hirakish is a young musician, artist, and actor from New Orleans, and a show-stealing HBA catwalk star. It’s been only a few months since Hirakish released “Back to 99” with Lil Jodeci and Brandon Ares of the DIY collective Pink Room Project, but he’s back with a stunning solo track “Liquid Geezus”.

Produced again with Brandon Ares and Lil Jodeci, “Liquid Geezus” is a rockout split into two halves that match Hirakish’s impassioned feelings towards the paradoxes of love, sorrow, and death with reverberating bass, blistering guitars, and hard-hitting vocals. “The record is about lost love,” Hirakish says. “In the song, the tale’s main character wishes to go back to the love of his life, as he is on his way to die on a cross for her. The reason why the the song is called ‘Liquid Geezus’ is because, by dying, me and the character are creating a new rock sound – and most rock stars of the last decade, they all died at the age 27.”

The second half of his record was inspired by the loss of Prince, David Bowie, and the numerous other rock legends who died young. “All the real legends of rock’n’roll and music culture are dying off,” he says. “Now it’s time for me to take their place. I actually made the record the night that David Bowie died, so this record is super important to me as an artist and as someone who loves the craft.”

Alongside the track is a ‘promotional’ video, directed by Jordan Hemingway and art director Andre Bato, featuring abstract shots of Hirakish in a vivid array of pink, purple, and red backgrounds, directly addressing the camera while accompanied by twangs of eerie sound effects.

Listen to “Liquid Geezus” above and and watch the video below.