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Nirvana in a Washington RadioShackvia YouTube

Watch Nirvana’s previously unseen concert in a RadioShack

Before they were called Nirvana, the grunge band performed in an empty electronics store

On January 24, 1988, Nirvana played one of their smallest concerts ever. It was more of a music video, filmed in a RadioShack store in Aberdeen, Washington. According to video archivist Mike Ziegler, some footage of this music video has been floating around, but never before has it been seen in its entirety.

The band had recorded a demo just the day before – their first, in fact, with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle. They were called Ted Ed Fred at the time, but the sound was unmistakably Nirvana. The footage was allegedly for a music video, and the band is seen lip syncing to a demo. (You’ll note their guitars aren’t plugged into anything). On drums is Melvins’ Dale Crover. And crash landing from stage left is Kurt Cobain around the 1-minute mark, who enters the set-up with a flying leap.

Ziegler also released unedited interviews with Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Cobain’s alone is over an hour and a half and begins with footage of Courtney Love and his infant daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. They were conducted in 1993 for concert film Live and Loud. Watch them below: