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Sampha — spring 2017
Photography Tom Ordoyno, styling Akeem Smith

Hear Sampha’s gorgeous piano cover of ‘Cranes In The Sky’

The singer-songwriter performed his stripped-back rendition of Solange’s instant classic live at this year’s Glastonbury festival

Sampha recorded a short session for BBC Radio 1 at Glastonbury this year. Accompanied only by his pianist John (aka Spirit Fingers), the London singer-songwriter performed “Blood On Me” from his debut album Process as well as a soulful reimagining of Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky” that showcased his stunning vocals.

“It took a long time for me to get there – just to be comfortable doing this, but it feels good,” he said before performing a flawless rendition of the A Seat at the Table track.

Sampha and Solange have collaborated in the past on “Don't Touch My Hair”, even teaming up for a duet performance of the track on Saturday Night Live last year. “I’ve worked on her album; she’s wonderful,” Sampha said. Before launching into his powerful performance, he added, “Hopefully she’s alright with it.”

Solange honoured the cover with a glowing review on Twitter, writing, “sampha your voice and soul are unmatched.” We have to say we agree.

Listen to the cover here.