A$AP Rocky operates on Tyler, the Creator in gory new video

The suburban horror visual for ‘Who Dat Boy’ is Tyler’s first big release since Cherry Bomb, and also teases a second collaboration with Frank Ocean

Tyler, the Creator has released a bizarre, suburban horror video, self-directed under the name of his alter-ego, Wolf Haley, obviously. The video for “Who Dat Boy” ft. A$AP Rocky also teases a second track, “9/11 / Mr. Lonely” ft. Frank Ocean and marks the rapper’s first new music release since 2015 album Cherry Bomb.

The video begins with Tyler, the Creator at his bedroom desk, working on an electrical experiment as sparks fly out around him and illuminate his poster of Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet. Slowly, the camera pans towards him as an ominous backing track plays. He turns to say, “Yo”, as an explosion knocks him from his chair as the first verse of “Who Dat Boy” kicks in.

Next, Tyler is seen running through a white picket-fenced neighbourhood, before he turns to reveal that one side of his face has been blown off. He knocks on the door of a friend’s (A$AP Rocky) house, who eventually lets him in after some peephole scrutiny, rapping, and deliberate displays of his grillz.

A$AP Rocky changes into a surgeon’s gown and mask and performs a panicked, gory face transplant on Tyler, as the police are shown waiting at the door. The post-op rapper seems to forget the police are on to him and decides to spend some time getting used to his new face in the garden with his DIY surgeon pal. Eventually he comes to his senses, gets into a car and drives away. The camera pans out to show two police cars still in pursuit of the rapper before the scene suddenly switches to show Tyler (back with his original face) in a sports court surrounded in pink blossom. A preview of smooth, feel-good R&B track, “9/11 / Mr. Lonely” ft. Frank Ocean, plays in the background.

This is not the first collab between Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky; the pair teamed up last year for A$AP Rocky’s track, “Telephone Calls”, which also featured Playboy Carti and Yung Gleesh. “9/11 / Mr. Lonely” has now been fully released on Spotify and is Tyler, the Creator's first collab with Ocean since the pair worked on “Biking” with Jay-Z.