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Watch Radiohead’s unsettling video for ‘Man of War’

The song, previously unreleased, will appear on OK Computer: OKNOTOK 1997-2017

After premiering it on BBC Radio 6 this morning, Radiohead have dropped a video for the previously unreleased “Man of War”, otherwise known as “Big Boots”.

The song will appear on OKNOTOK 1997 – 2017, a 20th anniversary reissue of 1997’s OK Computer. The album features 12 original tracks, eight B-sides, and three previously unreleased songs. “Man of War” was writen around the time of their 1995 album The Bends.

The video, directed by Colin Read, is quite unsettling – the visual sees a man being followed, first it’s unclear who’s tailing him. Then one person comes into view, before the crowd of pursuers grows bigger. First a jog, then a sprint across days and nights, the crowd then run the man onto a train track. Finally, he seems to resign to the ever constant gang of followers.

“Man of War” is the second of three unreleased tracks that will appear on their reissue: the other two songs include “Lift” and “I Promise”, which has an accompanying music video too.

Recently, we heard in a Rolling Stone profile of the band that back in the day they wanted to work with hip-hop legend Dr Dre on follow-up album Kid A.

Watch the new, ominous video below.