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Lordevia @lordemusic on Instagram

Lorde had a secret Instagram to review onion rings

The account that allegedly belonged to the singer gave each onion a rating out of 5

It’s never easy, once you become world famous, to be silly without currying unwanted judgement on your fun. A cursory glance at one Tory MP’s Twitter account likes led to scandal. Adele admitted to having a private Twitter where she could drunk tweet. Lorde had something wholly different in mind, when it looked as though a secret Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide was allegedly linked to the star. The Instagram was used, as the handle suggests, to review different onion rings ordered around the world. “Every onion ring I encounter, rated,” read the account’s bio.

An impressive investigation led by New Zealand’s Newshub matched up the onion ring posts with Lorde’s whereabouts at the time of posting. They seemed to match. Other evidence also pointed to Lorde’s ownership, such as Lorde herself following the account, as well as known Lorde comrades Mac DeMarco, Justin Warren, and Jimmy Mac. The author of the article even compared Lorde’s fingers with the digits that made a cameo in the photos.

Perhaps the biggest clue was that once discovered by the media, the account was deleted. Some fairly interesting reviews live on in screengrabs. Such as the review “From Bareburger in New York City. Actually pretty good – thick, sweet white onion. Good flavour on the crumb. 4/5.” Other reviews included captions like “Bit of a heavy, dry mouth feel” (QT Hotel, Sydney) and “Characteristics were a mulched onion filling with a distinct bitterness” (Burger King, Hatfield).

I guess we’ll never know whether or not Lorde is a closet onion rings reviewer, or where to get the best crumb. RIP @onionringsworldwide.