Watch Björk’s beautiful new music video for ‘Notget’

The bio-gothic clip is a collaboration between Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

Björk has released a second music video for her Vulnicura track, “Notget.”

Following on from the virtual reality video released back in April, the latest version sees the singer emerge from a throbbing, monochrome cocoon. She then, half way through the clip, morphs into a multi-coloured lifeform – changing into a similar outfit to her VR avatar in the original video. 

The film is a collaboration between directors Warren Du Pree and Nick Thornton Jones, a pair who have worked with Björk on a number of previous visual projects. “It's bruised, dark, ominous, and mysterious, and it's a play on the future and the past with mineralistic elements,” said Du Preez of the “Notget” video. “We made the decision to submerge it into almost what we almost call an inner earth or into a place that could house that decay and bruising.”

Watch the video in full above.