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Dazed Mix: Nightwave

Dazed Mix: Nightwave

The vibrant Glasgow-based producer and renowned rave thrower unleashes a heady mix to celebrate her party-starting Wavejumper EP

“I was born to be an awesome motherfucker,” drawls Rye Rye on the twisting, synthy opening track of Nightwave’s Wavejumper EP. The Heka Trax label boss, banging party thrower and DJ/producer figurehead on the Glasgow club scene has dropped a dissident Fool’s Gold debut, flanked by an arsenal of powerful MCs on her dubby, dynamic electro production.

With an absolutely give-no-fucks approach, Slovenian-born, Glasgow/London-based Maya Medvesek glides through the aurally eye-rolling anti-fuckboy anthem “Lotto”, featuring Intersessions boss Chippy Nonstop, to the old rave vibey reboot “Money Power Respect” and a screwface-inducing nod to Glasgow on “Bucky Bomb”.

2017 has seen Nightwave’s command of the rave grow ever more expansive: she’s debuted her stellar live show and jacked up crowds from Bangface to Barcelona and everywhere in between, and celebrates four years of her renowned party Nightrave. Elsewhere, she’s joined Producergirls founder E.M.M.A. to teach women DJing and production skills, with more workshops planned in Glasgow and Brussels. “It's an inspiration and a privilege to be able to share the skills and have a small impact on the future of electronic music,” she tells Dazed. “I really feel a change is coming.”

As she celebrates her EP launch at Dalston Superstore tonight (April 26) with some super special guests, Nightwave unleashes a Dazed mix that pops from Miami beach to Jersey and back to Glasgow’s La Cheetah, tidal waving from ghetto house to Ciara and Trina.

What was the initial idea behind Wavejumper?

Nightwave: I wanted to make a fun and positive record because I wrote it through the most challenging time of my life. The idea was to make myself feel good and capture the vibe of a Glasgow after-party where you can play whatever you love and not be judged. 

Who are your major musical influences on this EP?

Nightwave: The main influence comes, as always, from grime/rave/footwork/rap... and a bit of Scooter thrown in! I always find inspiration from DJ Rashad, Wiley, Mills, and Drexciya. The final product may not sound like that, but they always help me work.

How have you progressed and learned from making this record?

Nightwave: With a lot of attention to detail. I also developed more confidence and trust in my intuition; it’s sometimes tempting to follow ideas or put out safe-bet music you know will sell for gigs, but I thought, ‘Fuck it, this is what I actually wanna release.’

“I wanted to make a fun and positive record because I wrote it through the most challenging time of my life” – Nightwave

The EP is called Wavejumper, which recalls artists like Drexciya and James Stinson. Those Detroit sounds seem to have made a lasting impact on artists in Scotland – why do you think that is?

Nightwave: I guess it comes down to the influencers of the time – Optimo, Rubadub, Club 69 and Monox have a lot to do with that for Glasgow, and the younger generations now are just as enthusiastic and adventurous with music. Glasgow will always be a techno town and perhaps other genres suffer a little, but in general it’s the best town in the world for music!

You’ve got Rye Rye, Chippy and Rell Rock on the release, how did these collabs and those power verses come about?

Nightwave: I’m a big fan of their work and made sure the instrumentals fit them. I’m super happy they were down to collab and with how it all came out!

How much does Glasgow inspire you? What are the big sounds there?

Nightwave: To be honest, I feel that more than the music, it’s the energy of the town that drives me. It’s always more about the afters than the club, just being with people, bonding over music and having the best time of your life. Techno rules in Glasgow, but you see the same heads at a grime night as well. Also, people really support each other – the artists and promoters help each other out, it’s just really positive. There’s still work to do though, we need a bit more balance.

Who’s throwing exciting nights and doing good things in the local scene?

Nightwave: La Cheetah is always on point, PVC, LVLZ, 12th Isle, So Low, J Bone... There are probably more artists than punters up here, to be honest!

“More than the music, it’s the energy of the town (Glasgow) that drives me. It’s always more about the afters than the club, just being with people, bonding over music and having the best time of your life” – Nightwave

Nightrave celebrates four years this month – how has it been watching it grow?

Nightwave: Being a promoter is hands down the most stressful thing I’ve done. Big up all you mad people out there doing this for a living full-time! Saying that, it’s the best buzz creating a night for everyone to have a good time and being able to share your musical tastes. I’m lucky to have the support of La Cheetah Club for the Glasgow branch of Nightrave.

What music are you playing out right now, and what are you otherwise listening to?

Nightwave: Depends where I play. I can play a full techno set or play mostly footwork or grime. As a DJ, I work for the crowd, so I give them what they want – within reason! Some people I rate at the moment include Dope P, E.M.M.A., Trekkie Trax, TC4, Florentino, MM... there are too many to mention!


01. Andrijana Belovic – “Ne Znam” (Lil Taty Club remix)
02. Nightwave – “Tarmac”
03. Tarquin – “C Mine” (feat. Neana)
04. Drvg Cvltvre – “Air Raid”
05. Randomer and Cadans – “Lottarump”
06. Neana – “Double Counter”
07. Ossie – “Wires”
08. MC Cabeca & Robinho – “Fica A Vontade” (Inkke bootleg)
09. TC4 – “Play Samba”
10. Nightwave – “Bucky Bomb”
11. Joe Marinetti – “Meditation For Artist”
12. Ciara – “Go Girl” (Zora Jones edit)
13. Big Dope P – “Freak” (feat. Feadz & MaggyDMP) (UNIIQU3 remix)
14. DJ Deeon – “I Told You”
15. Carpainter – “From Your Eyes”
16. Jubilee – “Spa Day”
17. Trina – “No Games”

Nightwave’s Wavejumper EP launch party takes place at Dalston Superstore, London tonight (April 26)