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A Madonna biopic is on its way

Blond Ambition will explore the Queen of Pop’s early years in 1980s New York City

Madonna’s early years will be the subject of a forthcoming biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Titled Blond Ambition (famously the name of her 1990 world tour), the film takes place in New York City in the early 1980s and follows the Queen of Pop as she works on her self-titled debut album, exploring the sexism of the music industry as well as the her “burgeoning love life and the first hints of fame.” 

Blond Ambition is written by Elyse Hollander. It’s Hollander’s debut screenplay and topped 2016’s ‘Black List’, the film industry’s ranking of the most well-liked yet unproduced screenplays. Universal have picked up the script, and will produce it along with Brett Ratner’s company RatPac Entertainment.

Listen to “Holiday”, from 1984’s Madonna, below.