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jaden smith
via Instagram (@c.syresmith)

Jaden Smith is apparently making his K-Pop debut

A long-awaited dream may finally be coming true

While in the last few months he’s been protesting Trump with LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, confirming major film roles and uncovering mind-blowing facts about the universe, apparently Jaden Smith has also been crafting a K-Pop career.

Tweets from Smith seem to confirm that he’s working on a new single, that he says is due to drop soon.

"And Yes I Will Be Dropping A K Pop Single In The Next 4 Months," he said to his followers on April 20.

Last year, Smith met the king of K-Pop and fashion darling G-Dragon, of the huge Korean band BIGBANG. The pair first encountered each other in Paris, and Smith declared how G-Dragon has been a major inspiration for him.

“People See Me And Ask Me If I Wanna Be A K Pop Star As If I Haven't Made My Goals For 2017 Clear,” he tweeted in December.

The Twittersphere’s been pretty conflicted. While many have shown support for the creative venture, other big K-Pop fans aren’t so pleased. One user told Smith it isn’t K-Pop if the artist hasn’t trained under a Korean company and actually debuted in Korea. And of course, it’s seen a lot of reaction memes.