Primal Scream share new EP for Record Store Day 2017

The five-song collection features two new recordings of last year’s ‘Golden Rope’

In conjunction with Record Store Day 2017, Primal Scream have announced new, limited edition EP Mixomatosis.

The five-track collection features remixes of songs that originally appeared on last year’s Chaosmosis, including: “Golden Rope”, “Where The Light Gets In”, “100% Or Nothing” and “(Feeling Like A) Demon Again”. 

Speaking to Dazed, Bobby Gillespie explained: “I love record store day, I’ve spent most of my life in record shops and I think it’s great to celebrate them as there’s not a lot of them left.

“You know, at their best they are magical, beautiful places where you can go to lose yourself and dream and maybe fall in love with a new song or sound that you haven’t heard before, and that little vinyl record that lasts 3 minutes and 20 seconds can be the beginning of a lifetime’s trip into the unknown. Music has never let me down, ever. My record collection is precious, it’s my life, right there, pure vinyl magic.”

Mixomatosis features two new recordings of “Golden Rope”, mixed and remixed by longtime collaborator Brendan Lynch. The Lynchmob version includes fresh vocals and a new chorus lyric from Gillespie, as well as a new solo from guitarist Andrew Innes. “I think the only thing Bren kept from the original track was the bass guitar and some synth psyche screaming noises, so it's really a re-recording more than a ‘remix’. I totally love it  – and also the instrumental mix.”

Referring to the spiralling track as “dystopian protest punk funk at its finest”, Gillespie added: “I don't hear any ‘protest’ in rock, indie or pop music – maybe its happening in other genre’s that I’m not so familiar with. Last year during the U.S. elections my 14-year-old son played me ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ by YG & Nipsey Hussle, which i thought was great. The present time is like a science fiction scenario – there’s all this dramatic stuff happening in the world and you wouldn’t know it from pop culture.

“There’s no critique of the death star from the citizen zombie rock children, who are so hung up on digital narcissism and strung out on their consumer addictions.” 

Well, there you go. 

Listen to “Golden Rope (Pay It All Back) Lynchmob Remix” above.