Watch Sia sing about songs on Sesame Street

The Australian singer and hit songwriter appeared on the children’s television show over the weekend

Sia has joined the likes of Destiny’s ChildStevie Wonder, and Johnny Cash in making a guest appearance on Sesame Street. The Australian pop star and hit songwriter appeared on the children’s show on Saturday (March 25) to introduce the letter ‘S’ with “S is for Songs” – a song about songs.

“‘S’ is for songs, and I love songs / Don’t know what I would do without ‘em / I love songs so much / I wanna sing a song about ‘em,” she sings.

While Sia’s face is usually obscured beneath her black and blonde wig, it was visible during her cameo on the show – the only thing hiding her features was a red clown nose. The other muppets wore similar wigs during the singer’s slot.

Sesame Street broadcasts around the USA on PBS, which is currently under threat due to a federal budget proposal from the Trump administration. The propsal would axe public broadcasting funding, and although the iconic show is likely to survive any such cuts (PBS is only partially-funded this way), CoS note that many local stations who broadcast the show might have to close as a consequence of the budget. As these stations are predominantly based in poorer regions of the country, children in those areas would lose out.

Watch Sia’s appearance above.