Listen to Blondie’s intense new track written by Dev Hynes

‘Long Time’ is the third single from upcoming album Pollinator, inspired by the anthemic ‘Heart of Glass’

Blondie have collaborated with Dev Hynes AKA Blood Orange on a new track entitled “Long Time”. This is the second time Hynes and Debbie Harry have worked together, as she provided vocals for “E.V.P.” on Hynes’s third album, Freetown Sound.

“Long Time” teams Blondie’s signature sound of synthy beats and the always iconic vocals from Debbie Harry. The song “channels a deliberate echo of Blondie’s 1979 anthem ‘Heart of Glass””, and is taken from the band’s upcoming album Pollinator, released on May 5. Hynes won’t be their only big name collaborator on the album, which will also feature Sia, Charli XCX, Joan Jett, Nick Valensi, Johnny Marr, and more.

Harry recently spoke to Harper’s Bazaar – she took time to discuss the upcoming full-length release and the scene. Speaking about the evolution of women musicians, she said: “Nowadays the girls have proven themselves as entertainers, musicians, and writers. There are so many great female artists. Now it’s become standard. It’s no longer a boys club. Times do change.”

The frontwoman also detailed her experience of music as she’s gotten older: “One thing I object to: When people stop going to clubs at a certain age and say there’s no good music now,” she said. “This always shocks me. There is so much good music.”

“Anybody who survives in the arts has to be insanely obsessed with doing it, and they have to not mind working hard. It’s never a ‘gift’ – it’s never ‘given’ to you – it’s inching and crawling into your situation,” she added.

Pollinator will be Blondie’s eleventh studio album, and “Long Time” signals that even after over 40 years, Blondie very much still have it. You can listen to the song above.