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Anohni will swap a new song for your hopes and dreams

The musician announced the final track from her PARADISE EP will be sent to fans who email her with a 'gesture of anonymous vulnerability'

Anohni is releasing her PARADISE EP on Friday (March 17), a companion piece to her 2016 album Hopelessness. The musician announced today that she will send the release’s final track, “I Never Stopped Loving You” to people who email her with “a gesture of anonymous vulnerability”.

Writing on her Facebook page, the artist said: “If you have listened to my music over the years, you know that I have publicly given something of my heart. If you would like the final song from PARADISE, email me at and share with me in a sentence or two what you care most about, or your hopes for the future.”

“Send this to me instead of the dollar you used to send me in the olden days. The price for this song is a gesture of anonymous vulnerability. That may be too expensive for some of you, and that's okay,” she added.

Suggesting what she wanted to hear from fans, Anohni wrote: “I want to hear your collective mind. I want to see that river of thoughts. Please don't write about how my music affects you; if you mention me or my work I will not send the track. Please keep the focus on yourself. Take a risk and break out of established ways of doing and perceiving. It is what you have expected of me as an artist, and just for a moment, it is what I ask of you.”

The former Dazed cover star asked that people listen to the track within the album sequence, as the seventh song in PARADISE.

Read her full post below, and send Anohni an email to experience the all-important feeling of vulnerability at