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Tommy Genesis, Photography by JMP
Tommy GenesisPhotography by JMP

A mix of women’s anthems for self-care, sex and sensuality

Tommy Genesis executes her vision, Peaches turns her explicit electro-pop techno and Kamaiyah sizes up her stratospheric rise to the top

On International Women’s Day this year, we’re experiencing A Day Without Women. Across the US and in 40 other countries, women are walking out of paid and unpaid labour to show the world the huge value women add to the system. Women are striking for the repeal of the 8th amendment in Ireland, and to extend the 67 Act to see better abortion access afforded to the Irish. We’re fighting for Planned Parenthood, for sex worker support and visibility in discourse about their bodies and work, for the trans women of colour murdered at alarming rates, the women detained in Yarl’s Wood, the crisis caused by domestic violence services cuts.

Whatever you’re doing today, have women in your minds, causes and now, your ears, with a selection of big modern feminist anthems. Leading the charge is Oakland breakout star Kamaiyah, The Black Madonna take on robo-pop queen Robyn, a reverberating techno edit of queer icon Peaches and a seething-but-cute dressing down by Honeyblood. Elsewhere, Chippy Nonstop – who runs the inclusive sound initiative Intersessions – makes fierce, twinkly electro, Jamila Woods celebrates black girl magic and Bjork reigns supreme.

Check out the playlist below to experience a small pixel on the spectrum of women who’ve broken, bent and rebuilt the sonic landscape.