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Aphex Twin
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Aphex Twin logo designer shares unseen artwork

The musician’s Selected Ambient Works recently hit its 25 year anniversary, so the artist behind the iconic logo has posted some never-before-seen images that trace its creation

The designer behind Aphex Twin’s logo, Paul Nicholson, has shared some never before seen sketches of the enigmatic musician’s branding.

Nicholson posted the drawings from his workbook on Instagram, detailing that they were created between 1991 and 1993 while trying to make a logo for the musician. These sketches show some variation of the Aphex Twin brand we all know. Nicholson previously posted the logo’s original blueprints, stating on IG: “With there being many incorrect versions of this logo floating about, I thought it about time to release the definitive logo construction.”

Writing on Instagram, the designer said he would be publishing more unseen works that show the “thought process” behind the electronic auteur’s seminal album artworks. It was originally hand drawn with only “circle templates and rulers”. 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Selected Ambient Works 85-92

It’s cool to see such an iconic creative vision in its infancy, as well as the more leftfield things the abstract image calls to mind for fans: it's getting likened to that weird ‘S’ thing you used to draw in school among other things. Check the rare sketches below.