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The hidden story of Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Who Shot Ya?’
Notorious BigHannah Fincham

Car Biggie was shot dead in goes on sale for $1.5m

Tupac’s BMW has also gone to auction for the same price

A week after the BMW that Tupac was killed in went on sale for $1.5m, the car that The Notorious B.I.G. was murdered in is now being auctioned for exactly the same price.

The rapper lost his life in the 1997 GMC Suburban during a drive-by shooting on March 9 1997. Despite being part of one of the most infamous moments in hip-hop history, its previous owner – a mother of six – didn’t know about the car’s significance until 2005, when the LAPD informed her of its history.

The car’s original passenger door, through which Biggie was shot, was removed by police for evidence shortly after the incident. However, Moments in Time – the memorabilia sellers handling the auction – have promised that the current door will be replaced with the bullethole-perforated original. 

Moments in Time are also overseeing the sale of Tupac Shakur’s car, which was put on auction last week. The rapper was killed in the black 1996 BMW in September 2006 during in a Las Vegas drive-by, less than a year before Biggie’s murder.

If you’re the kind of person who likes investing in bullet-ridden murder scenes for millions of dollars, you can visit the Moments In Time website here