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Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Reyvia @lanadelrey / Twitter

Lana Del Rey ‘to cast ritual binding spell on Donald Trump’

The singer appears to be taking part in a monthly mass ritual that aims to get the president ‘removed’ from office

Lana Del Rey has dropped heavy hints about her plans to take part in a magic mass “binding” ritual against Donald Trump today.

The singer shared a cryptic series of dates – “Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23” – on her Twitter account earlier this morning, along with clue: “Ingredients can b found online.” While fans initially thought the post was something to do with the release of Rey’s new album, it was quickly linked to an anti-Trump witchcraft ritual.

The mass spell, held on each “waning crescent moon”, has been widely covered in the news this week. It calls on witches from around the world to cast a “binding” ritual on the US president once a month, in an effort to get him removed from office. The dates Rey shared on Twitter coincide with the dates of the spell, as does the time (“midnight”). Ingredients can also be found online.

The “eclectic magician” who originally encouraged the spell, Michael M. Hughes, revealed yesterday that he “felt very strongly” that the event would go viral. “I’ve been amazed at the way it has spread around the world,” he told Dazed. 

“It is long past time to use magic to elevate the consciousnesses of Trump, Bannon, and Miller, as the new age, love-and-light witches keep suggesting as an alternative. The damage this administration is doing daily is horrifying. It’s time to fight back, by every means at our disposal. And I believe it’s working already, just by the fact that so many people are doing it.”

Learn more about the binding spell, including full instructions for taking part, here. The ritual is set to take place at midnight on February 24.