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Watch the otherworldly video for Lana Del Rey’s ‘Love’

The surprise visual sees the singer perform across past decades and magical galaxies

Lana Del Rey has dropped the video for her latest track “Love”, a dreamy visual directed by Rich Lee. 

The singer talked to fans on an Instagram live stream, where she answered questions and promised that her fifth full-length album – as well as some other surprises – would be out very soon. After the live stream ended, the music video for “Love” was released. It's been two years since her last big musical output, Honeymoon

Posters appeared over the weekend across L.A that hinted the musician was going to unveil some new music.

“Love” sees the Ultraviolence singer perform with a band in a music hall before moving to a mysterious planet. In typical Del Rey style, it echoes the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s with the clothing and hazy filter-like lens. A group of teens skateboard and drive around a seaside town, before somehow taking off and floating towards the sun and a strange dimension – a far-off galaxy moves above them as they swim in the extra-terrestrial waters.

Watch the video below.